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    Copyright Management

    Reducing the burden of administration for educators
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    KYOCERA have introduced a more efficient data collection application that will reduce the reporting burden by introducing a software-based solution called the CopyScanPublications App.

    CopyScanPublications is an app that can be installed on to multifunction printers (MFPs) and scanners to collect the copying data required by the CLA to make royalty payments to authors, visual artists and publishers. The app captures copying of any articles, chapters or other extracts from publications that is use for teaching or reuse.

    This application has been designed in conjunction with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and is endorsed by the Department for Education. It is an automated solution which means that users e.g. teachers and assistants will no longer need to complete the lengthy forms that are normally sent to the CLA.

    How it works

    Instead staff can simply walk up to an enabled KYOCERA MFP, select the CopyScanPublications App whenever copying or scanning published material and the MFP automatically will notify the CLA. Quick and easy to use, the data goes straight to CLA without using any paper, so there is an environmental benefit in addition to the significant time saving.

    Our app is genuinely making a difference.

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    What is the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)?

    The CLA is the recognised UK collective rights licensing body for text and images from book, journal and magazine content. It’s mission is to simplify copyright for content users and pay royalties to copyright owners.

    It licenses schools to copy extracts of one chapter or 5% of a book or magazine for use in teaching while making sure that authors, publishers and visual artists are paid royalties for the use of their work.

    From time to time the CLA carries out ‘royalties data exercises’ in order to identify whose work is being used in schools under the licence. They are not policing or auditing the use of the licence but simply collecting copying information to help the CLA make a fair distribution of royalties to the appropriate copyright owners.

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    If you believe this application will be of a benefit to you, please register your interest.

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