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The Kyocera European Service Awards 2019

Celebrating and Rewarding our Partners’ Engineers
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Competition is one way you can provide intrinsic motivation, reward and improved morale of your employees. Taking the initiative to involve your staff in development activities shows that, as an employer, you are a good place to work and believe in nurturing their skills. Not only this demonstrates real value in a level of service to potential customers, but it is also a great way to improve employee satisfaction and talent retention.

At Kyocera, we know the process to become one of our Authorised Service Engineers is extremely demanding - but necessary to maintain our high standards. So, 12 years ago, we decided to launch the Service Trophy Awards to recognise the added value both Kyocera and our Partner engineers provide to the business, plus reward their skill and tireless efforts.

We think it is essential to recognise achievement in our business, service delivery and professional services are key to customer retention and assisting the sales team gain greater insight into possible new sales opportunities.

We believe that excellent, high quality service begins with well-trained service staff and The Service Award was established to recognise the hard work and dedication of all Kyocera and Partner service staff around the world.

Previous entrants have found they grow as technicians, improve their skills and knowledge, additionally feel part of the wider Kyocera community. Finalists also get to engage and network with colleagues across the region. Progress to the national or grand finals also brings recognition for employers, who’ve created an environment of excellence where employees can flourish. Last but not least, there’s three main prizes of a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

With more than half of HR leaders struggling to bring their employment value proposition to life in employees’ day-to-day work, giving our engineers the opportunity to benchmark their skills against the competition and making them feel valued has never been so crucial.

The competition is already exciting but winning an award that ecognises the hard work and achievements of our engineers has a fabulous impact on their motivation. If they find meaning in the work they are doing, they feel happier with a sense of achievement, that drives them to give 100% every day.

Additionally, the award validates our hiring stature among new recruits. By pitching our engineers as the best, we can attract the talent needed to push the business forward.

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