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    The power of managing employee records digitally on a single platform

    Using smarter process technology can make a real difference to the efficiency of your HR operation.
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    HR administration is complex and involves crucial input from people outside the department and outside the business. It also typically involves a high level of manual and paper-based processes, leaving room for inefficiency and errors.

    Using smarter business process technology can make a real difference to the overall efficiency of your HR operation. In particular, switching to fully digital management of HR documentation can bring a wealth of benefits. For example:

    • minimising manual data entry and reliance on physical paperwork eliminates many of the risks posed by human error·
    •  avoiding unnecessary printing saves costs and resources – better for your budget and the environment 
    • and notifications when documents are missing or steps are incomplete ensure processes are carried out correctly and in a timely way.

    Why Content Services?

    KYOCERA content services can handle all the documentation associated with these essential aspects of the HR function, in purely digital form: 

    Recruitment and Selection

    Stores the CVs and covering letters of new applicants along with their references, interview details and all other associated information, and provides easy access to the data for only the relevant people.

    Employee onboarding

    Streamlines and speeds up the onboading of new employees by providing visibility of all the tasks involved and their stage of completion.

    Employee offboarding

    Facilitates the processes involved in employees leaving, whatever the circumstances, by ensuring all the relevant tasks are completed correctly. 

    Employee file management

    Provides a secure centralised repository to store and manage employee files, with
    restricted access, so only authorised individuals can access the data.

    Policies and procedures

    Ensures employees always have access to the latest version of all company policies and procedures.

    Employee relations

    Enables you to document every aspect of employee performance management, from staff reviews to performance improvement initiatives. 

    What Content Services does

    Captures and classifies content

    Content services captures and automatically classifies critical content, whatever format it arrives in and wherever it comes from, minimising the need for data entry.

    This frees up staff time and cuts costs, especially in offices where the existing system is heavily paper-dependent. 

    Automates key processes

    It automatically drives incoming content through the relevant processes, even making basic decisions and handling exceptions. Integral tools manage related tasks, activities and conversations and facilitate case management activities.

    This helps to speed up processes and ensures all decisions are documented and that
    communication is carried out in a consistent way.

    Manages access

    Content services enables the relevant people, including authorised external users, to access content and complete processes with ease from anywhere, including via mobile devices. 

    A personalised interface and integration with other core applications ensures a positive user experience.

    Integrates seamlessly

    The system integrates seamlessly with core applications, including your HCM, without the need for custom code, streamlining your entire HR function. Data synchronises both ways in real time. 

    So, for example you can automatically populate forms with data from your HCM and send information gathered from scanned documents to the HCM to update employee files.

    Measures and monitors

    Content services automatically monitors and reports on the information and activities within the system. This makes it easier to identify and overcome bottlenecks and prepare for audits, without the need to involve IT administrators. 

    It will automatically send reminders of overdue tasks to the relevant people and can even automatically redistribute the workload for maximum efficiency. 

    Provides smart secure storage

    Content services will store your HR data securely, with built-in redundancy to ensure no information will be lost in the event of a disaster. It will also automatically destroy content as appropriate, in compliance with legal requirements. 


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