KYOCERA Document Solutions are searching for the app developers of tomorrow through the annual KYOCERA competition, KYOCodes.We would like to invite your university students to enter a team of three, where students of KYOCERA could win a prize of up to £1000 of apple vouchers per person!

KYOCERA uses this programme to find new talent for our technical and sales staff of the future, and will provide a real benefit to your students as they go on to their careers.

Your team will be invited to KYOCERA Reading, or Manchester and tasked with designing, building and presenting an application which meets a real business need and challenge, followed by training on how to develop the concept, before testing and presenting the end product.

Online registration is open from the 23rd November 2017 until the 26th January 2018.The qualification quiz opens online on the 27th January 2018 until the 31st January, and training weeks start on 5th February, with final presentations on 2nd April 2018.


The coding challenge, open to all education establishments in the Higher Education Computer Sciences, is designed to help find the app developers of tomorrow and deepen industry links in education.  


Entrants will be tasked with designing a brand new app for KYOCERA’s suite of application software, powered by HyPAS and the winning app needs to meet a real business need and challenge. 



All teams who pass the qualification stage will gain a KYOCERA HyPAS app developer accreditation and can win prizes of up to £1000, of Apple vouchers per person. The top 3 winning universities will also win a KYOCERA multifunctional device.  KYOCERA also use this as vehicle to find the future talent for our business.


“We all study software development at college and did this challenge alongside our second year of study and assessment, which wasn’t always easy and definitely helped build on our time management skills. While our course gives us the technical skills, it was really useful - and fun - to actually learn how to market and present products.”

Jack Vincent, Student, Fife College

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