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Information management

Streamline content storage & management processes, allowing information to be securely integrated.
Information management

The perfect solution for businesses seeking transition from manual paper-based processes to digital. 

This optimised and consolidated system can be easily implemented, allowing information to be quickly and securely integrated into digital workflows. 

All content is centrally managed by your staff to reduce the risk of data loss. Being web based, content can be accessed any time and from any approved individual or system. 

Content in a wide range of formats can be efficiently stored, captured, managed, and processed, enabling diverse information to be digitised, enhancing business productivity. 

Easy to use

Easily import the document on the web browser or MFP

Digital document management

Capture, process and store files


Record, replace and revert document versions

Improve compliance

Deploy stronger data protection by applying rights + history logs


Securely archive documents under access control

Variety of formats

Manage a variety of formats such as PDF, docx, JPG and PNG

Manage users

Manage access and permissions by user and groups

Search for documents

Easily search for documents utilising filters

Streamline content storage and management.

All businesses face the challenge of managing information in many different formats such as paper, digitally created documents and electronic conversion to scans. 

These differing formats often lead to data sprawl, with some files stored on server datastores or in the cloud, while others are saved by individuals locally to desktops and laptops. An all-in-one solution, Annodata’s content and document management solutions, addresses this challenge by streamlining content management processes which in turn enhances productivity, increases management efficiencies and reduces the risk to data due to manual error. 

Operated within your own server infrastructure for compliance and data integrity, you can manage users and their access rights or permissions to the datastores and their day-to-day interaction with this valuable company resource.  

By reducing the need for manual document workflows and file searching, you can focus your effort and resources on more business-critical or trategic issues which provide true value to your organisation. 

Other Content Management services

  • Document Management

    Cloud-based, allowing access to your employees’ to find the file they need, from wherever they are.

  • Capture & Digitisation

    Put data at the heart of optimising your business’s processes, helping your business on your digital transformation journey.

  • Process Automation

    Optimise the flow of data and documents throughout your business, minimising inefficiencies and maximising revenue-generation.

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