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Management Dashboards: Business data made clear

Visibility across a range of your process automation systems.
Process Management

Enhance the performance of your process automation with accounts payable, human resources and print management dashboards.

Many organisations rely on content service platforms or database tools to automate and improve the efficiency of their business processes, from accounting and finance to human resources and print. 

Visibility of automated processes is vital to identify where organisations can improve the efficiency of their systems. It allows accounting and HR professionals to make better business decisions that involve financial planning, human resource management and operational improvements.

Print and Process Management Dashboards

Advanced analytics platforms to unleash the power of your data.

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    Accounts Payable Dashboard

    Kyocera Dashboards for accounts payable use pre-published data models designed to give you the metrics you need straightaway, without hours of effort required to build them from a standard toolset.

    The Dashboards can be further customised to the individual needs of different areas of the business to provide additional user satisfaction and adoption.

    Benefits of Kyocera Accounts Payable Dashboard:

    • Monitoring of the AP process to ensure early payment targets are met.
    • Early identification of process bottlenecks within the AP process.
    • Meet payment targets in line with legislation.
    • Automate the AP reporting process to different users and departments.
    • Improved engagement / performance from suppliers.
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    Accounts Payable Dashboard

    Keep accounts payable processes optimised and spot issues early.

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    HR Systems Dashboard

    Employment is the single biggest asset and overhead for most businesses. Managing staff effectively increases competitive advantage and profitability.

    Kyocera Dashboards for HR allow HR teams to enhance service levels whilst reducing the cost and effort of producing traditional HR reporting. The Dashboards provide individual users with personalisation, so that they can focus on the most relevant information.

    The Dashboards also present information that allows you to spot resourcing issues early and put plans in place to mitigate any risks. In addition, you are able to keep on track with compliance and hit your HR targets every time.

    Benefits of Kyocera HR Dashboard:

    • Reducing cost and effort of producing traditional HR reporting.
    • Give users and departments personalised, relevant information.
    • Spot resourcing issues early and put plans in place to mitigate.
    • Keep on track with compliance.
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    HR Systems Dashboard

    Spot resourcing issues early and put plans in place to mitigate.

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    Print Management Dashboard

    The need for visible, secure, efficient and effective data management solutions are clear, that’s why organisations are increasingly turning to Kyocera Print Content Management dashboards.

    Kyocera offers a pre-integrated set of standard configurations. The configured dashboards deliver significant value to both the IT department, and to other stakeholders within the organisation, who have an interest in understanding how printers and MFPs are being used by the workforce.


    Benefits of Kyocera Print Management Dashboard:

    • Analyse the usage patterns for different users and departments.
    • Share information more effectively by providing reports to departments on print usage and costs.
    • Identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of your print management infrastructure.
    • Monitor the effectiveness of your print management policies and rules.
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    Print Management Dashboard

    Monitor the effectiveness of your print management policies.

In today’s fast-paced, competitive, technology-led business environment, business success is built upon the ability to truly harness the power of data. So, having the ability to quickly and effectively access critical data can boost employee productivity and aid the decision-making process.

For more information about Kyocera Print or Process Management Dashboards, please email or click on the contact us button below.

Kyocera Print Management Dashboard brochure

  • Print Management Dashboard.pdf (Print Management Dashboard.pdf)
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HR Management Dashboards brochure

  • HR Dashboards Brochure.pdf (HR Dashboards Brochure.pdf)
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Account Payable Management Dashboards brochure

  • Accounts Payable Dashboards Brochure.pdf (Accounts Payable Dashboards Brochure.pdf)
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