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The sustainability benefits of cloud

Learn why cloud solutions can help you on your journey to net-zero
Cloud sustainability

Sustainability: IT matters.

Put cloud at the heart of your sustainable IT strategy and accelerate your green transformation.

Working with industry-leading cloud providers, Kyocera can provide our customers with expert managed cloud services that cover public and hybrid deployments. Not only can these cloud services enhance your business's productivity and agility whilst reducing costs, but they can also play an important role in making your use of technology more sustainable. Read on to learn why moving your data and applications to the cloud can cut your carbon footprint.

Power consumption

Lower your power consumption with fewer servers

One of the major ways using cloud services can reduce your carbon footprint, and your energy costs, is by reducing the number of on-premises servers you need to run, or getting rid of them altogether.

This doesn't simply shift your emissions elsewhere: According to Microsoft, cloud platforms can be up to 93% more energy efficient and up to 98% more carbon efficient than on-premises solutions.

Cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge technology

The cloud providers we partner with are some of the world's largest technology companies. They're putting their enormous resources to work, investing in cutting-edge datacentre technology. For example, new liquid immersion server cooling tech promises to reduce the energy consumption of servers by up to 15% whilst minimising the overall water consumption of datacentres.

environmental commitments

Environmental commitments

Its not just the inherent efficiency of large datacentres, and the cutting-edge technology thats going into enhancing their sustainability even further, that makes cloud computing more sustainable than on-premises. It's also to do with the environmental policies of these global IT industry leaders. Most have set ambitious targets to use 100% renewable energy, to reduce waste, deforestation, water consumption and carbon emissions. As a result, you can be confident that your investment in cloud computing is one that'll only get greener over time.

Kyocera: A carbon neutral managed IT provider

Learn more about Kyocera's cloud solutions, our environmental policies, and our carbon neutral print devices and services.

  • Cloud solutions from Kyocera

    Cloud adoption doesn't have to be rocket science. Kyocera's experts will take you to cloud nine in no time.

  • Carbon neutral print

    As well as a host of managed IT solutions, Kyocera offer customers energy-efficient, carbon-neutral print devices & managed print services.

  • Your carbon neutral IT partner

    Kyocera Document Solutions UK are investing in green development projects, planting trees, and even have our own rooftop bee hives.

Join us for a free sustainable IT workshop!

Join Kyocera and guest experts for a free 90 minute workshop to see how you can plot a greener way forward for your IT strategy.

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