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    Toner Take-Back Service

    We currently offer a return service for all used, genuine Kyocera toner cassettes.
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    All Kyocera devices are designed with the environment in mind. We aim to minimise the impact of our products on the planet by reducing the quantity of raw materials contained within them. Kyocera’s approach to printer design and engineering reduces the number of components in the toner cassette system by more than 85% on average, consequently reducing the manufacturing and recycling impact of the device.


    Once a Kyocera toner cassette is empty, we offer a number of ways to return it to our recycling partner, depending on your location. Once your consumables enter our system, we will be in charge of taking care of everything from pickup through interim storage and finally forwarding them to the recycling plant.


    After separating the cassettes into individual components, the polymers in the toner cassette are separated and then granulated and prepared for reuse as “recyclate” which can be added to brand new materials to manufacture a variety of products.


    By participating in our Toner Take-Back Service you contribute to reducing waste and energy consumption for a better environment and a better world. The service follows Kyocera's philosophy of always considering our impact on the environment.


    LPR is collecting empty toners in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, United Kingdom, Poland. Local collectors are also providing Toner Take-Back in France (via Conibi) , Italy (via Ecorit & Ecorecuperi) , Spain (via Recyclia), Switzerland (via Polysys).


    At http://kyocera.takeback.eu


    Order an empty recycling box.

    Order pickup or replacement

    Quickly and simply via http://kyocera.takeback.eu when your box is full.

    LPR will pick up the full box

    Or replace it with an empty one.

    The Boxes

    Collection Box
    We provide collection boxes at no charge to customers with regular orders.
    Box L:
    Approx. 160 litres 70× 60×40cm Max. 20kg Average 43 units
    Single returns
    We are not currently able to accept the return of single cartridges. Please order a box and fill this before returning.
    Waste Toner Bottles
    This service is not able to accept waste toner bottles. Waste toner bottles can be disposed of in general waste.
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    Why is Kyocera toner best?

    There may be many options on the market, but only Kyocera toner cassetes provide high-quality prints whilst guaranteeing the health of your product.

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