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Kyocera Protect

Complete SaaS Data Backup and Recovery.
Kyocera Protect

Putting our knowledge to work to reduce the risk of data loss when using Microsoft 365 or G-Suite, ensuring compliance and keeping your business working, no matter what.

Kyocera Protect is a fully managed service designed to make backing up and restoring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data quick, easy, and cost effective, without compromising on data integrity and compliance.

For many organisations, company-wide flexible working had been a goal for the future. No one could have predicted the speed in which those strategies were accelerated. As more teams work remotely, increasing amounts of data, including sensitive information, are being uploaded and shared to Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms.

However, many organisations haven’t completed a Risk Analysis to understand the impact to your organisation if you lost the data stored within SaaS applications, such as customer data, contacts, schedules and project data.

What we do

We enable cloud-to-cloud backup and restore for all apps within Microsoft 365 and G-Suite with unlimited storage and infinite data retention. If someone accidentally deletes a critical section of a document, it’s not a problem, all data is securely backed up and easily restored by us; so, you and your users don’t have to worry about a thing.

We run automatic daily backup, support on-demand back up, and regularly check the integrity of your data restores with an expert UK-based team on hand 24/7/365 to manage the restore process.

We also make sure your Microsoft 365 and G-Suite SaaS data is backed up, in line with compliance standards; protecting both your business and your customers from the potential negative impact of data loss.


What are the benefits

  • Peace of mind that data can easily be restored with full integrityIncrease business continuity; ensuring productivity and user experience
  • Enable new, flexible, and remote ways of working to support future business strategies
  • Support GDPR compliance with the ability to restore SaaS data quickly, as you need it
  • Reduce management reporting time; we provide the information you need to report on adequate data protection
  • Build internal and external trust
  • Reduce the risk of financial penalty, or loss of brand reputation, or revenue resulting from a breach
  • Maximise your SaaS investment with the right licences for the right usage; and avoid unauthorised access

Kyocera Protect guide

A number of people have or will experience data loss in cloud applications, however there is an alternative. With Kyocera Protect, you can protect, manage and easily recover Microsoft 365 and G Suite data. 

Our managed backup and restore service in action.

Here are three common SaaS scenarios where Kyocera Protect can help.

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    Data loss

    Our service in practice

    Imagine your CEO, working from home like everyone else, shares the business’s annual strategy plan on Teams with the senior leadership team. Through human error (it does happen), someone deletes a critical section of the document; market research

    Microsoft are responsible for uptime and availability but it’s down to the business to back-up the data. The deleted content has gone beyond the 90-day recovery. Everyone has to rally round to re-create the missing information and the business is left waiting. 

    Now imagine an alternative scenario. The moment the document goes missing, the IT team call us. They get to speak to an expert in the UK, even though it’s 5.30pm on a Friday evening. In an instant, we can revert to the latest back-up and restore the document. 

    What we do

    We protect users of Microsoft 365, or G-Suite data against unintentional or malicious data loss, including ransomware.  

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    Data loss

    Kyocera protects you against SaaS data loss so you can safely adopt new normal ways of working

  • man using computer


    Our service in practice

    Imagine the scenario; it’s annual auditing time and you are expected to know your compliance procedures. You can demonstrate GDPR for your sales database; it’s all backed up in the cloud and safely stored in-region. But hang on, with all your salespeople working remotely, they’ve been sharing some of this data across Teams - data that is not backed up or restorable.  You face a major issue.

    Let’s look at that another way. The auditors are in. You let your Kyocera analyst know. They quickly produce the reports that show all your Microsoft 365 data is fully backed up, stored in-region and can easily be restored as needed. You can even provide logs for every time and admin or user that has actioned that data; everything you need to prove data protection available by just picking up the phone. 

    What we do

    We make sure your Microsoft 365 and G-Suite SaaS data is backed up, stored, and restorable in line with compliance standards; protecting both your business and your customers from the potential negative impact of data loss.

    man using computer

    Kyocera ensure your SaaS data meets compliance standards; protecting your reputation, customer trust, and profits.

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    Cost reduction

    Our service in practice

    Imagine the scenario; Covid-19 lockdown has just been announced. Your IT team scrambles to give everyone licences for Microsoft Teams so they can continue to work from home. Your help desk is getting multiple calls a day to change access and add licences. 

    You now have so many licences, managing them becomes impossible. You can’t budget for them and your costs seem to be spiralling. Then it comes to backing up your data – that lack of visibility means you have no choice but to back everyone’s data up, and, again, costs increase.

    How about a different approach? All your licences are managed for you. You can easily access reports which tell you who is licenced for what and billing is all managed centrally. You can plan your budgets and forecast costs; only backing up the data for users who you know are still working for the business. Costs are down and there is no risk of data being deleted accidently because a licence is no longer in use. 


    What we do

    We ensure you only pay to back up what you really need by monitoring your SaaS licence usage, for Microsoft 365 and G-Suite.

    businesswoman smiling in meeting
    Cost reduction

    Optimise SaaS costs, by helping you avoid unnecessary spending.

At Kyocera, our many years of experience have given us a deep understanding of the challenges facing modern workplaces. Today, we use this knowledge to find perfect solutions for SaaS protection, enhancing digital security and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Kyocera Protect is just one of the many end-to-end managed services we offer across ICT – Digital Infrastructure, Content Services – Process Transformation, UC – Connected Teams and Print Solutions, taking the management challenges away so customers can focus on what they do best.

Kyocera Protect Webinar

Watch the Kyocera Protect webinar where we demonstrate the value of having a data back-up strategy, that protects your organisation in the event of a cyber-attack, ransomware or accidental loss of data.

Talk to us, we’re human

Our experts are ready to answer your questions, discuss your challenges or arrange a demonstration on SaaS solutions and Kyocera Protect.

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