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TASKalfa Pro 55000c

A new era in production print.
TASKalfa Pro 55000c

Small footprint, big potential

As part of Kyocera’s commercial print range, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c provides a small footprint with big potential. It this very mantra that encapsulates the truly era-defining nature of Kyocera’s growing portfolio of inkjet technology.

With its compact size and efficient technology, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c offers both a small footprint and a big impact on workflows. In the attention economy, standing out has never been more important - we are in an era where customers demand both output quality and media personalisation options.

Energy efficiency

The TASKalfa Pro 55000c is extremely energy efficient, thus helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and electricity costs.

Compact size

Due to its comparatively small size, this device also has a small physical footprint in work environments.

Fewer parts

With optimised technology, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c delivers high performance while using very few moving parts.

ROI (Return on investment)

With a low entry point intothe market, the machine offers strong return on investment opportunities.


The ability to handle multiple media types across different weights opens big potential for new business growth.

Sustainable success

Using waterbased inks, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c is the solution that sustainable-minded business have been waiting for.

As these points show, when it comes to “small footprint, big potential,” Kyocera is your business partner in high-volume print performance, offering partners, dealers, and customers new opportunities in commercial printing, based on the three core concepts of Sustainability, Versatility, and Possibility.

It’s why the TASKalfa Pro 55000c is proving to be the perfect solution for a wide array of businesses in the market.

TASKalfa Pro 55000c Basic Model

Diverse range of uses

Digitisation in commercial printing is accelerating due to an increased demand for small-lot printing and labour-saving printing operations. Whether a print provider previously used a cut-sheet offset printer or a roll-fed digital printer, today many also require a cut-sheet digital printer at a reasonable price. To this end, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c has arrived to transform commercial printing with inkjet technology underpinned by priceless versatility.

The TASKalfa Pro 55000c’s low TCO, compact size, and high durability make it an affordable entry point for anyone seeking this type of solution, whether it’s for a commercial print provider looking for a device to complement existing mega-volume offset devices or in-plant operations for schools, hospitals, banks, and other such enterprises.

With a maximum output of 5 million pages per month, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c is ideal for producing the following eye-catching assets in high volumes:


Including illustrated children’s books, cookbooks, photo books, etc.


With various colour coverage needs.

Academic journals
Academic journals

A seamless ability to jump between image and text.

Marketing collateral
Marketing collateral

Such as pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and catalogues.

TASKalfa Pro 55000c Standard Model

What sets the TASKalfa Pro55000c apart

Customer-centric innovation that considers the current pains and opportunities of modern commercial printers, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c leverages Kyocera’s expertise in inkjet technology to deliver real benefits for businesses.

These include:

Low TCO: The TASKalfa Pro 55000c offers the lowest total cost of ownership for the mid-sized print volume market.

Compact design: The compact design of the TASKalfa Pro 55000c is unmatched.

High durability: The machine’s high durability design supports 24-hour continuous printing and capacities that reach around 5 million page/month(A4 size).

New media opportunities: The TASKalfa Pro 55000c enables print providers to produce leaflets, posters, catalogues, calendars, photobooks, wrapping paper, and much more with just one device.

Built to last: With a total feed capacity of 5,000 sheets, the TASKalfa Pro 55000c has been designed to go the distance in the busiest work environments.

Minimal downtime: The equipped vacuum feed air pick system lifts and separates paper using air flow from the sides and front to ensure reliable feeding of papers up to 400 g/m2. Few moving parts also reduces the risk of device malfunction.

TASKalfa Pro 55000c Full Model
Why is the TASKalfa Pro 55000c perfect for you?

Why is the TASKalfa Pro 55000c perfect for you?

With pioneering inkjet technology, Kyocera leveraged its heritage of continuous innovation to deliver a truly pioneering production print solution at a time when it was most needed, providing value-adding features that enable businesses to do more with less.

The following are some of the standout characteristics that make the TASKalfa Pro 55000c unique in the commercial print market:

  • Printing on offset coated paper
  • Enhancing supported media
  • Impeccable image quality
  • Dual ink configuration
  • Advanced printing productivity
  • Two controller options

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