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The UN Global Compact UK Network

KYOCERA Document Solutions UK is a member of the UN Global Compact UK Network, a member-based organisation and official Local Network, representing UK businesses that are signatories to the UN Global Compact.

Local Networks were launched to help make the UN Global Compact relevant across the world’s different economic, political and cultural landscapes and to support meaningful engagement with signatories. It implements a programme of activity in support of UK-based UN Global Compact signatories who wish to maximise the benefits of their engagement with the UN Global Compact.


The UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles are derived from: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

The Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme

In January 2016, KYOCERA Document Solutions UK became a corporate partner of the Fujitsu Education Ambassador programme. Its vision, together with the other partners – Intel and Brocade – is to promote collaboration across all levels of Education for the benefit of educators and students, to unlock the potential of young people at all levels of ability. The programme aims to establish 20 UK Ambassador Hubs in education establishments to help empower young people to create, invent and build the future.

To ensure we are all working towards shared, long-term outcomes in Education, the Fujitsu Ambassador Programme was designed to align to the Education Technology Action Group (ETAG) agenda and endorsed by the UK Government.

Working with Green Alliance on its Circular Economy Task Force

Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank focused on effective leadership for the environment. It has a track record of over 30 years, working with the most influential leaders from the NGO and business communities. Its work generates new thinking and dialogue, and has increased political support and action for ambitious environmental solutions in the UK. 

It understands political decision-making and has helped to change policy bringing climate change and environmental issues into the mainstream. It pursues its aims through six strategic themes: Political Leadership, Sustainable Economy, Third Sector, Climate and Energy Futures, Green Living and Designing Out Waste

Conscious of the waste associated with paper and consumables for office printers and copiers, KYOCERA Document Solutions UK partnered with Green Alliance on its Designing Out Waste workstream in 2011/2012 and is now part of its Circular Economy Task Force. 

Working with Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future is a non-profit organisation working globally with business and government to create a sustainable future. It has15 years’ experience inspiring new thinking, building creative partnerships and developing practical innovations to change our world. It aims to transform the critical systems that we all depend on, such as food, energy and finance, to make them fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

Over the past 15 years, Forum for the Future has:

  • changed the debate about sustainable business by highlighting the opportunities it offers, and been instrumental in altering the way leading companies operate;
  • trained thousands of leaders, across society, through its master classes and Masters Programme, so they are knowledgeable about sustainable development and equipped to face the global challenges like climate change and shortages of vital resources;
  • promoted long-term thinking and created shared, positive visions of tomorrow with businesses, government and NGOs, through our ground-breaking futures and scenarios work;
  • sparked innovation of new products, services and business models that will make our world more sustainable.

It now seeks to transform the complex systems which serve our fundamental needs - such as food, energy and finance - so that they are fit for the 21st Century. And to do this, it is putting ‘systems innovation’ at the heart of its new strategy. 

KYOCERA is working with Forum for the Future on projects exploring the Future of Work and Collaborative Solutions to e-waste.

Supporting Responsible 100

The ability to identify genuinely responsible businesses will empower consumers and wider society. By supporting these businesses, by choosing them over their competitors, people will make profits dependent on ethics.

Profit Through Ethics has created an identification mark for responsible businesses which launched as Responsible 100 at the Kyocera Technology Suite in April 2013. 

Responsible 100 identifies businesses which:

  • Answer questions, developed with experts from NGOs, campaign groups, professional bodies, academia and elsewhere, which examine a range of social, environmental and ethical issues affecting business and wider society;
  • Guarantee their answers as complete, accurate and verifiable and have them assessed, accepted and scored according to a defined, transparent process; and
  • Publish those answers on this website for public scrutiny, comment and rating. 

Responsible 100 aims to raise public expectations as to what is possible and raise standards of ethical practice across business. Participation signifies that the bearer is sufficiently serious about responsibility and ethics as to prove its credentials and, further, that it is part of a movement transforming business to better serve people and planet. The project is still in its pilot phase but a number of the proposed questions have already been published and answered by member companies.

KYOCERA Document Solutions UK is a founder member of Responsible 100 - you can view our own answers to the Responsible 100 questions here.

The first 10:10 Leader Company

KYOCERA Document Solutions UK has a long-standing and sincere commitment to reducing its own environmental impact and to promoting environmentally-efficient use of office machines. Carbon emissions reduction is a useful proxy for reducing the environmental impact of business and emerging legislation makes it an increasingly critical focus area for business. We became the first corporate supporter of the 10:10 campaign because it adopted an approach which helps to engage people across all sectors of society in reducing carbon emissions. Recognising that every employee in our company or its customers and business partners is also a private citizen, and that employee engagement is crucial for the success of any carbon abatement programme, we feel that this is important.

To kick off our 10:10 programme we created an office efficiency guide with some easy to implement ideas for cutting your office carbon emissions immediately. You can download it from the top right hand side of this page. We have also hosted events for 10:10 at the KYOCERA Technology Suite and we continue to advise on low-carbon office practice.

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