Green Light

Promoting responsible use of imaging products

Life cycle analysis shows that the largest proportion of the environmental impact of a printer or multifunctional copier is incurred during the use phase, through the consumption of electricity, consumables and paper. We take seriously our responsibility to reduce this impact and have been advising our customers on responsible use of our products since the launch of our first ECOSYS printers in 1992. 

From 2001 until 2012, this was done through the Green Card Network, a community of interest on the subject of sustainable office practice. The Green Card Network provided a platform for best practice exchange, guidance on legislation and compliance and signposts to useful sources of information at a time when there were few, if any, opportunities for businesspeople to access this type of information.

Thankfully, sustainability has now become sufficiently mainstream that those conversations no longer need a dedicated channel, so we've integrated the Green Card website content into our main website and rebranded it KYOCERA Green Light. You can access it via the link to the right.

For our Managed Document Service customers, we also provide a service called Rethink Print, which supports the employee engagement aspect of a managed document services project, ensuring that all staff are well briefed on the aims of the project and understand the part they are expected to play in realising its objectives. Each Rethink Print implementation is bespoke, but an overview of the service is accessible via the link to the right.

Greening the supply chain

We recognise that when procuring products, enlightened organisations are concerned about not just the direct environmental impact of the product but also its supply chain and the operational impact of any intermediaries. We are therefore working with both our suppliers and our channel partners to help them understand and reduce their own emissions, and to recognise best practice.

We are the first in our industry to introduce a Green Partner programme, to encourage our channel partners to reduce their own environmental impacts. Participating partners can earn either Green Partner or Green Partner Plus status, depending on the effectiveness of their measures to reduce environmental impacts and educate their customers on sustainable product selection and environmentally responsible product use.

Green Partner Plus status has been awarded to:

The Danwood Group


Kelly's Printing Solutions


We also seek opportunities to work with suppliers at all stages in our supply chain to reduce business impacts. For example, our work with DHL to optimise deliveries they undertake on our behalf resulting in savings of over 1 tonne of CO2 per month. You can download the report on Dispatch Consolidation and Route Optimisation from the right hand panel.

Reading Climate Change Partnership

Reading Climate Change Partnership

Kyocera represents the local business community on the Reading Climate Change Partnership, part of the Local Strategic Partnership for the town. It also hosts the Reading Climate Change Partnership's web pages which are used as a form for sharing published documents and inviting feedback from the local community. Active participation in this group helps to represent the interests of business, both in terms of recognising the commercial risks that may result from climate change and also identifying the business opportunities that may be created by adaptation activity.

Manchester Green Business

We are members of Manchester Green Business which is run by Groundwork Environmental Business Services, the business arm of a not for profit that works to enhance the sustainability of the Greater Manchester area.  We are also working towards its Green Business Award.

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