Kyocera’s approach to sustainability is based on a waste reduction strategy – we strive to reduce the amount of resources our products consume, both in their manufacture and during their lifetime. At the heart of this is our ECOSYS printer technology, which uses unique long-life drums and developers which are designed (and indeed guaranteed) to last for the design life of our workgroup printers. In other laser printers, these items are contained in the consumable cartridge and replaced each time the toner runs out; by making them permanent components we greatly reduce the amount of waste generated by our printers – as well as cutting the cost of consumables, typically by more than 50%. The difference is clearly illustrated by the photos to the right.

It doesn’t stop there. Every single model in our range complies with the new, more stringent Energy Star standard, which now requires the ability to print double sided above 20 pages per minute. Our workgroup printers emit no ozone. And every single plastic component is ID coded for easy recycling at end of life.


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Conventional laser printer cartridge containing 65 components, comprising numerous materials including carbon-intensive aluminium and steel
Kyocera toner cassette comprising just five pieces made from only plastic, rubber and foam.
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