ECOSYS - Sustainable By Design

The latest series of ECOSYS printers and multi-function devices offer you excellent print quality and enable flexible work environments via easy Wi-Fi connectivity, including peer-to-peer connection and comprehensive mobile connectivity. 

Cut business costs with one of the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO) devices in their class, boost productivity with fast printing times, re-designed operational panels and easy to replace toners, all while reducing your carbon footprint.  Whatever your landscape, you can depend on KYOCERA.

Sustainable by Design with low environmental impact, the toner only concept developed by KYOCERA means that you are replacing only the toner you use and not the print drums during the lifetime of your printer.  The environmental innovation has gone a step further with integrated waste toner collection cassettes, eliminating the need for a waste toner collection box.  With drastically reduced energy consumption saving you money with Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) reduced by up to 58%.

Offering high print resolution in a compact device the superb 1200 dpi colour image quality, ECOSYS printers are fast, flexible scalable and virtually maintenance-free with a lifetime of approx. 100 000 pages. With its space saving design the ECOSYS range is a robust and sustainable solution for both your busy workplace or home office, fitting into your landscape with ease.

ECOSYS - A Perfect Fit For Any Landscape


Using LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), the environmental impact of each product at the various stages of its life are systematically analysed, so improvements can be made year on year.

When using a printer it is usually necessary to replace a complex toner cartridge, containing the photoconductor drum and peripheral parts, every few thousand pages. Instead, KYOCERA has implemented a long-life design concept utilizing various ECOSYS technologies, including a-Si (amorphous silicon) drums, so that only the toner needs to be regularly replaced. As a result, as many as 300,000 pages can be printed with having to replace anything except toner, significantly reducing both waste and cost.

Conventional toner cartridge

Contains over 60 components made out of various types of metal, plastic and foam

KYOCERA toner cassette

Contains 5 pieces made out of 2 types of plastic, ID coded for easy recycling

The long-life drum was the innovation that launched ECOSYS, but further enhancements to product design have taken place to ensure all impacts are minimised, for example:

- Smaller toner particles that require less energy for fusing
- Faster warm up time reduces energy consumption and encourages use of sleep mode
- Production of ozone as a by-product of printing is reduced to negligible levels

ECONOMY: Optimised workflow efficiency

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the true lifetime cost of a device as operating expenses can significantly exceed the original purchase price. ECOSYS devices are designed to minimise both direct costs, such as consumables, and indirect costs, such as energy usage and administration, invariably offering the lowest TCO in their class.

ECOLOGY: Minimised environmental impact

ECOSYS printers incorporate a patented long life drum which is separate from the toner container and so eliminates drum replacement when toner is depleted –  consequently reducing landfill waste.  Our toner only design dramatically reduces the use of consumable items, reduces CO2 emissions and reduces TEC values. ECOSYS also saves a considerable amount of energy, both during manufacture and operation.

Up to 85% saving of electricity can be achieved during the life time of an ECOSYS printer.
* TEC value is a criterion required to comply with the international Energy Star Program standard. It refers to electricity used in one week, assuming alteration of operation and sleep/off modes and two days sleep/off mode.

SYSTEM: Effortless system integration

With KYOCERA ECOSYS devices offer a wide range of enhancements designed to maximise document output productivity. Additional functionalities and upgrades are available, optimising the long-term benefit of investment. Finally, KYOCERA Document Solutions' integrated system software ensures long-term and cross-network compatibility.


KYOCERA FS-C5200DN vs HP Colour Laserjet CP2025DN

TEST CONDITIONS: 500 pages per month, 36 months, full colour printing, photo test page Drucker channel

SOURCE: Information according to Drucker channel, 01/2009, (German test magazine;

Reduction of Standby Power Consumption

One of the key environmental impacts when using multifunctional products and printers is electric power consumption. Network computers used at offices, in particular, are commonly left on standby at all times. Therefore, reducing standby power consumption is an important issue in environmentally conscious product development. 

To this end, KYOCERA Document Solutions has developed an energy-saving controller allowing the most efficient and low-power network monitoring and power control on standby.

EC 801/2013 (Lot 26) information on networked standby (sleep) power consumption

Electric power consumption in standby and the default time to enter this mode have an important impact on the overall power consumption of devices. In line with the EC 801/2013 (Lot 26) regulations we provide information about the default timeout to enter the network standby (sleep) mode as well as its power consumption when connected to the stated interfaces.

Reduction of Toner Consumption

KYOCERA Document Solutions is striving to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas, one of the causes of global warming, by designing printers that decrease toner consumption while at the same time maintaining or improving image quality.  Using smaller, homogeneously formed toner particles and a thinner uniform coating provides even light reflection onto paper and results in improved vividness ideal for high-resolution printing. Our newly developed toner has a lower melting point that results in reduced Total Energy Consumption (TEC) and higher image quality with less toner consumption. This means that not only does the image quality benefit, but so does the environment.   

Reduction of warm-up time

In the fixing unit, which melts toner to affix it to the paper, newly developed fixing technology utilising a thin and small-diameter heating roller has reduced warm-up time by almost half compared to that of conventional models.  ECOSYS technology has enabled a reduction in the time required to recover the printer from standby mode and start printing, while at the same time saving energy.

Packaging is an integral part of the product concept and has the same stringent environmental criteria as product development.

• Card volume used in packaging is reduced to a minimum
• Packaging is now completely polystyrene-free

We only use transport packaging made of cardboard or paper.

KYOCERA Document Solutions is a leader in improving packaging and was awarded the  "Good Packaging" prize by the The Japanese Institute of Packaging Materials who recognised the choice of design and materials in packaging components, and their environmental sustainability.


Instead of polystyrene, cardboard pulp mould is used to cushion products in transit

Packaging is carefully designed to combine maximum protection for the product with minimum use of resources

Packaging for parts and consumables is designed without the need for glue or staples, allowing easy recycling

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