Highly regarded by the industry and highly rated by numerous testing organisations, KYOCERA's complete portfolio of reliable, high-value, Eco-Friendly network laser printers, deliver high-resolution output with crisp black and white text and graphics for any size workgroup.

KYOCERA's ECOSYS printers incorporate "cartridge-free" technology using a durable print drum and high yield toner container that provides thousands of printed pages, a low total cost of ownership and less routine user involvement.


Toner Take-Back Service

Our bulk toner take-back service comes with a specially designed toner collection box in a choice of two sizes which is used to store empty toners and then collected when it is full. This service is free, and is managed very easily via a dedicated web portal

If you are a home user or a very small office, you can still return single toners to us using a downloadable Freepost label.

Product Printing speed (BW/C) Paper Size BW/C
Multifunction Compare
A4 A3 Print Copy Scan Fax
ECOSYS P5021cdn 21/21 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P5021cdw 21/21 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P5026cdw 26/26 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P5026cdn 26/26 0 A4 standard      
FS-1041 20 0 A4 standard      
FS-1061DN 25 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P2035d 35 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P4040dn 40 22 A3 standard      
FS-9130DN 40 23 A3 standard      
FS-9530DN 51 26 A3 standard      
ECOSYS P2235dn 35 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P2235dw 35 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P2040dn 40 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P2040dw 40 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P3045dn 45 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P3050dn 50 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P3055dn 55 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P3060dn 60 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P7040cdn 40/40 0 A4 standard      
ECOSYS P8060cdn 60/55 30/27 A3 standard      
ECOSYS P6235cdn 35/35 0 A4 standard   standard  
ECOSYS P6230cdn 30/30 0 A4 standard      
optional = optional, no standard functionality

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