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Launch of Kyocera Cloud Print takes Managed Print Services to a whole new level.

As one of the world’s most innovative document solutions providers, Kyocera has a rich history in pioneering technologies and game-changing solutions for real-world customer challenges.

Reading, UK – 09 December 2020: Kyocera Document Solutions UK, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, has today announced the launch of a new managed print service, Kyocera Cloud Print.  The new service takes the managed print solution (MPS) concept to a new level by allowing organisations to outsource the management of their entire print network. From device monitoring and maintenance to traffic management and print policy enforcement, Kyocera will take care of all things print, leaving customers free to concentrate their resources on core competencies. The service also does away with the need for onsite print servers and therefore helps organisations avoid the associated capital expenditure.

Kyocera Cloud Print is built on the proven principles of Kyocera’s Managed Print Service solutions, setting new standards for efficiency, helping organisations unlock even greater value from a managed document environment.

An unmanaged print network can result in numerous unnecessary costs through areas such as IT support, hardware maintenance, server space and wasted toner, ink and energy.  Alongside the financial costs, poor print performance is also a threat to commercial agility, user satisfaction, network security and progressive business policy. An organisation may also be exposed to breaches and cyber-attacks, leading to significant fines and reputational damage. 

Kyocera has partnered with Microsoft Azure who offer state of the art datacentres.  These highly secure datacentres are at the heart of Kyocera’s cloud services ‘platform as a service’ (PaaS) for data visualisation, workflows and predictive analytics. Customers will benefit from disaster recovery and the threat of cyber security, improved compliance and greater business continuity along with better integration of data and workflows.

Kyocera Group UK CEO, Rod Tonna Barthet comments “With Kyocera Cloud Print, everything that happens between an organisation’s users hitting print and the document arriving at the print device is taken care of by Kyocera. We use a systematic design methodology to create the right combination of hardware, software and virtual resources to deliver the optimum solution for a customer’s needs. Kyocera Cloud Print works just like a traditional print server, except all of the resource-intensive operations take place offsite.”

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