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Kyocera launches managed SD-WAN solution

A secure, intelligent SD-WAN solution managed by Kyocera and powered by Fortinet.

Reading, UK: Kyocera, has today launched a new SD-WAN solution called Kyocera SD-WAN. This offering is the latest in the company’s broad portfolio of Comprehensive Services covering ICT, Unified Communications and Content Services.

As organisations look to digitally transform their business, the introduction of new technologies, applications and services can be game-changing. But as the demand for network performance and optimal user experience (UX) grows, it’s important not to overlook the underlying infrastructure that all of this operates on. With a growing number of organisations moving to the cloud and a surge in remote working models, traditional networks can struggle to provide the visibility, agility and control required to realise the full potential of digital transformation efforts. This is where SD-WAN can be a game-changer. 

The State of the Network 2020 report found that “58% of IT professionals said that remote UX is the top area where they would like additional operational visibility.” As organisations move applications, services and employees outside of the traditional perimeter of the office, maintaining user experience can become a challenge. Network performance can suffer when bandwidth-demanding cloud-based applications are accessed from remote locations. Without end-to-end visibility of the network, IT teams don’t have the ability to properly diagnose and manage the situation. 

Traditional WAN architecture does not meet the requirements of cloud- and digital-first applications, services and businesses. Network traffic from business-critical applications that require optimal performance at all times have to battle for bandwidth with other applications that are being run on the corporate network. Many organisations simply add extra bandwidth to their network in an attempt to solve the issue, but this often isn’t the best solution. This can lead to poor user experience, lack of productivity and increased costs. 

Kyocera SD-WAN is a fully managed service, powered by Fortinet technology, to give organisations the visibility, agility and control they need. As an overlay to traditional WAN infrastructure, Kyocera SD-WAN can ensure application performance, provide end-to-end visibility of all network traffic and reduce overall network costs. And it’s all managed by Kyocera – from discovery and design, to deployment and ongoing management. 

Kyocera CEO, Rod Barthet, comments, “SD-WAN is a key addition to our Comprehensive Services portfolio. With growing levels of remote and hybrid working, as well as organisations looking to move to the cloud and serve customers in new ways, networks become more complex. With our experience in delivering and managing services across ICT, Unified Comms and Content Services, we’re perfectly positioned to help customers on their cloud and digital transformation journeys”.

For more information visit the Kyocera SD-WAN webpage



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