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Managed IT services that go way beyond window dressing

Benefit from our experience working with retail businesses and our range of expert managed services.
Managed services for retail businesses

Kyocera have worked with some of the UK's best known retail brands, providing solutions that support success and cut costs. We are experts in providing managed print services and managed IT services that make businesses leaner, greener and future-ready.

We can rely on Kyocera, this is reflected by our longstanding partnership.

Spokesperson at Harrods

Our solutions

Kyocera have a wide range of solutions for businesses like yours. Whether you have a specific set of needs in mind, or want to explore your challenges and options with our help, our consultative approach results in managed services that are fully tailored to fit your business.

These are just some of the transformative solutions we can bring to your business.

Carbon neutral managed print

Carbon neutral managed print

As you pivot towards more sustainable ways of working, don't neglect your printer fleet. Kyocera can deliver a carbon neutral managed print service that meets multiple objectives: We can reduce the total costs of your printing, reduce waste, increase your print security and ensure your printing is as sustainable as possible. We do this with energy-efficient devices, toner take-back, and the carbon offsetting of Kyocera devices, Kyocera consumables, and our services, via community investments through myclimate.

The benefits of Kyocera's managed print services

Reduce lifetime print device costs by up to 30% with less waste, cost-effective consumables & lower energy consumption.

Set print quotas to users according to their needs, so staff don't waste money & resources on unnecessary print jobs.

Our print experts will ensure you get the most efficient and cost-effective printer fleet for your organisation's needs.

Increase your productivity with streamlined document management, automated processes, and cloud integration.

We'll take care of device maintenance & ordering Kyocera consumables, keeping your printers stocked & fully operational.

Maintain network and data security with follow-me functionality and the latest device security updates.

Managed print case study: Whyte & Mackay

 “We now have a fully integrated print estate with enhanced functionality at a lower cost than before. As well as improved security, we can now better monitor our staff’s printing habits and get them thinking more deeply about what they print. This means we spend less on printing while lowering our overall carbon footprint.”

Mark Hilson, Whyte & Mackay

  • Whyte and Mackay Case Study.pdf (Whyte-and-Mackay-Case-Study.pdf)
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    • PDF
Managed service desk

Managed IT service desk

Kyocera can act as your business's IT service desk. Our network operations centre (NOC) provides employees with timely expert technical support that enables them to focus on the job with minimal disruption. This also reduces the burden on your internal IT teams, allowing them to focus on the bigger picture. The amount of support we deliver is tailored to your business's needs and we can adjust the scale of our service as those needs change. We offer round the clock, 365 days a year support online and on the phone, with on-site support where required.

Network Operations Centre

Our ICT Service Centre delivers first class service all day, every day.

24/7/365 Helpdesk

Best in class ITIL structured service desk

Monitoring, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Line support

Infrastructure Management (Including integrated NOC Automation)

IoT Management

Remote resolution

Multi-lingual capability

Automation & self-healing diagnostics

Managed endpoint detection & response

Managed endpoint detection & response

Neglecting your cybersecurity is not an option, especially for retailers, which have a higher public profile than most businesses. Without the best possible defence, you could be vulnerable to ransomware, customer data leaks and much more. But building your own team of cybersecurity experts can be a challenge, as these skills are in limited supply and are highly sought-after.

Fortunately, we can protect your business with a fully managed cybersecurity service. Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (M-EDR) deploys market-leading EDR software across your business's devices, known as endpoints, to prevent the penetration and exploitation of the data on those devices as well as your wider network. Machine learning and human expertise come together to provide an ironclad defence against myriad threats. Behind our cybersecurity shield, your business can focus on what it does best, growing in safety.

Advanced defence against cyberthreats, 24/7, 365 days a year

Protect your business with best-in-breed EDR from CrowdStrike

A cloud-based solution with no added infrastructure costs

Proactively uncover and lock-down vulnerabilities

Up-to-date protection against the latest viruses and other security threats

Total real-time visibility of endpoint activity throughout your organisation

Continual risk analysis and response

Decisive intervention and expert crisis management from a team of cybersecurity professionals

M-EDR brochure & eBook

  • Kyocera M-EDR Brochure.pdf (Kyocera M-EDR Brochure.pdf)
    • 3 MB
    • PDF
  • Kyocera M-EDR eBook-1.1.pdf (Kyocera M-EDR eBook-1.1.pdf)
    • 2 MB
    • PDF
Unified communications as a service

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS)

Communication is what fuels businesses, and barriers to efficient communication harm growth. With employees working across multiple sites and from home, it's essential that they can talk, message, share files and collaborate on live documents easily without having to constantly switch between different platforms or software suites.

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) from Kyocera provides your business with a managed collaboration platform that will unlock your business's potential. From virtual conferencing to instant messaging, your staff will have a choice of integrated comms and collaboration methods that work across all their devices, for productivity without limitations.

Benefits of UCaaS


Flexibility to accommodate remote and mobile employees


Scalability that ensures your needs are met whilst keeping costs at a minimum as your team expands or contracts

OpEx model

OpEx model + reduced upfront Capital Expenditure on equipment/software


Streamlined user experience throughout existing tools/applications


A more secure way to serve your business’s communication needs

Improved reliability

Built-in redundancy for your voice solution

“The UC solution helped keep us going when we moved to remote working in March 2020, as it gave staff what they needed to remain productive."

Mark Hilson, Whyte & Mackay

Get in touch

To learn more about any of these solutions, or to explore what Kyocera can do to meet your business's needs and aspirations, get in touch with us via the form below.

Kyocera: Putting knowledge to work

Learn more about Kyocera and our unique culture

  • Climate action

    Kyocera take our environmental responsibilities seriously, inspired by our company motto, "Respect the divine and love people."

  • Carbon neutral printers

    As part of our environmental focus, we strive to offer our customers greener options too. That's why we offer carbon neutral print devices.

  • Our philosophy

    We're part of a worldwide group of companies founded by Dr, Kazuo Inamori in Kyoto, Japan, guided and inspired by his unique philosophy.

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