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    Kyocera Accounts Payable Automation

    Streamline the entire accounts payable process with an integrated, automated system
    accounts payable

    With Kyocera Accounts Payable Automation, we put our knowledge to work to ensure a successful transformation of your accounting function. Our solution helps you realise a range of objectives:

    • Cost savings through simplified processes and lower paper usage
    • Reduced bottlenecks and accelerated approval times
    • Increased accuracy and fewer lost or misplaced invoices
    • Enhanced compliance and clear, transparent audit trails
    • Better cash management and improved visibility of cash flow

    Visibility. Efficiency. Accuracy.

    Despite the ubiquitous presence of digital technologies, the accounts payable (AP) department remains wedded to paper in many ways. Only 5% of businesses are using a fully automated accounts payable system, while 19% have no automation at all.

    For an organisation handling hundreds or thousands of invoices each month, relying on paper-based processes can be time-consuming, prone to error, and likely to result in compliance issues. 

    Over time, this can cause all manner of problems, including stressed accounts payable teams, damaged relationships with suppliers, forecasting issues and a lack of visibility into financials. It’s no surprise, therefore, that 56% of businesses have experienced cash flow forecasting challenges due to accounts payable issues.

    Automate now and take control

    An automated AP solution has become an increasingly strategic and operational necessity, and the benefits are clear.

    • Real-time visibility

      Real-time visibility

      Real-time visibility gives you power.

      Dealing with your suppliers quickly, efficiently and with compliance in mind means having an accurate understanding of invoice volumes, exception rates and bottlenecks. At present, many accounting teams do not have this visibility.

      There is a reason that the majority of business processes are becoming digitised and automated. Having access to your workflow and financial data from anywhere, at any time, is hugely beneficial to business productivity.

      Having instant access to more timely data and information allows you to meet payment incentives - accurate and timely settlement of invoices improves supplier relationships and increases the efficiency of your supply chain.

      Real-time visibility
      Real-time visibility

      Implementing real-time visibility is your first step towards lowering costs.

    • In with the digital

      In with the digital

      Out with the old, in with the digital.

      For accounting departments, paper-based, manual invoice processing is an age-old problem that poses a range of operational and strategic challenges. Combining both digital and manual processing is costing organisations time and money.

      When you consider the money spent on printing unnecessarily and employee’s time spent searching through copious amounts of paper copies, the efficiency just isn’t what it could be, should you decide to go digital. Organisations that spend hours per week dealing with manual documentation are falling far behind those who have converted to digital.

      In with the digital
      In with the digital

      Operate at maximum efficiency, keep all of your important documents in one place.

    • Eliminate risk

      Eliminate risk

      Eliminate risk.

      Manual data entry is prone to human error. Mistakes in invoices can be hugely time-consuming to rectify, causing delays to processing as accounts payable staff spend hours or even days fixing the issues.

      Digitising and automating your accounts payable processes can reduce and in some cases eliminate the risk of human error - humans regularly misclassify a shocking 1 in 20 documents. 

      By removing the risk and replacing it with consistently fast and accurate processing, your organisation stands to save time, money and that all-important reputation. Paying suppliers smoothly and as cost-effectively as possible becomes just another business process.

      Eliminate risk
      Eliminate risk

      Automating your accounts payable processes also eliminates the risk of human error.

    Let us do the hard work for you.

    At Kyocera, we are more than just the sum of our technology. We believe in the power of human insight and intelligence, gathered through years of experience in content services and document management, and the collective knowledge of our experts.

    We are an independent content services provider, featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. We take the time to listen to your requirements, understand your business and pain points, and deliver what’s right for you. Our experts are on hand every step of the way, from initial engagement, through to implementation and ongoing support.

    This process helps you get the very most out of your new accounts payable solution, and ensures it meets your immediate needs and supports your future plans through continuous improvement. Depending on requirements, we can deploy your Kyocera Accounts Payable Automation solution in as little as five days.

    For more information about Kyocera Accounts Payable Automation, complete the 'Contact us' form or email salesenquries@duk.kyocera.com 

    • Accounts Payable viewpoint

      Accounts Payable viewpoint

      Streamline the entire accounts payable process with an integrated, automated system.

    • Management Dashboards

      Streamline the entire accounts payable process with an integrated, automated system

    • Content Services

      Streamline the entire accounts payable process with an integrated, automated system.

    Talk to us, we’re human

    Have a question about Accounts Payable solutions or simply need more information?

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