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Software as a service (SaaS) backup and recovery

As organisations turn to SaaS solutions, what do they need to consider?
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A Comprehensive solution for SaaS data backup and recovery.

New normal

For many organisations, home working had been an ambition; a goal for the future. No one could have predicted the speed in which those strategies were accelerated. But as people begin to accept a new normal, IT departments need to make sure the tools that were quickly adopted are fit for purpose in the long term.

SaaS vendors, including Microsoft and Google, have seen a massive upturn in collaboration tools such as Teams and G-Suite as companies have sought quick ways to keep their people productive, happy and able to continue to deliver the services and experiences customers expect.

1/3 of businesses report losing data stored in cloud-based applications.


Reducing risk of data loss from SaaS applications, specifically Microsoft 365 and G-Suite

As apps like Teams have been brought into day-to-day operations, more and more data is being created, used and uploaded. The natural assumption has been that Microsoft protect user data within the app (or Google with G-Suite).

The reality, however is different. Although they have responsibility for service uptime and availability, they make no guarantees when it comes to restoring inadvertently or maliciously deleted cloud data or cloud data encrypted in ransomware attacks.

Data loss,  as a result of human or programmatic errors for example, malicious internal data breaches, malware attacks including ransomware and external hackers, as well as time lost restoring files, can have a wide-ranging impact across the business.

It can disrupt productivity and the ability for staff to do their jobs and significantly damage brand reputation, customer trust, and profitability if a major loss of sensitive data is experienced.

Native backup is no longer sufficient to protect mission-critical data and businesses need to find an alternative if they are to mitigate operational and business risk.

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Maintaining data compliance and security as you accept new ways of working as the norm

With the threat of significant financial penalty for non-compliance and the potential cost to brand reputation and trust of a data breach becoming public, organisations need to find a way to ensure they are meeting the standards required.

For example, an important part of GDPR compliance is the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, and availability of processing systems and services. It is critical to be able to restore availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of physical or technical incident. It’s also important to know where your data is stored. This functionality is not available as standard within Microsoft 365 and G-Suite


Optimising costs

The ease of purchase with SaaS applications, like Microsoft 365 and G-Suite means keeping on top of licences can be hard; before you know it licences creep up and costs spiral; especially when so many staff have had to start using the apps all at once.

As staff change roles or leave the business and as new people join, knowing what licences are allocated and being used is key to ensuring the right data is being backed up. For example, an active licence is required to access Microsoft 365 data. Data associated with inactive or deprovisioned users will be permanently deleted by the app provider with no roll-back.


How Kyocera can help

Kyocera Protect reduces the risk of data loss, while maintaining data compliance and optimising SaaS costs. Kyocera have gained extensive expertise to solve business challenges across a range of industries, speak to us and unlock your full potential with our service.

  • Kyocera Protect: SaaS Data Backup and Recovery.

    Peace of mind that data can easily be restored with full integrity.

  • Kyocera Direct Connect - Communicate & collaborate

    Integrating traditional telephony and unified communications systems with Microsoft Teams.

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    The Cloud can revolutionise a company’s operations

    One latest trend in technology is to deploy the Cloud for greater efficiency, but what can it offer?

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