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Kyocera Direct Connect

Kyocera Direct Connect enables your team and customers to communicate and collaborate.
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By integrating your traditional telephony and unified communications systems with Microsoft Teams, we optimise your costs and help you stay compliant while creating a robust unified collaboration platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a collective rethink in the way companies operate, with unified communications transformed from a nice-to-have, to a business essential. As remote working becomes the new normal, Microsoft Teams has become the primary UC platform for more and more organisations.

For those businesses already using Microsoft 365, will know it is quick and easy to roll out and is fast becoming the business communication platform of choice. The challenge now is how to provide a consistent user and customer experience at home and in the office.

Although Microsoft Teams offers flexible functionality, it doesn’t provide the granular controls and user functions most businesses are used to through their traditional PBX telephony or UC systems. For example, being able to transfer customers' calls to a different department, call reliability when using mobile phones and an increased risk of non-compliance as calls can’t be recorded.

Kyocera Direct Connect is a fully managed service to make sure your team and your customers can connect, whenever and however they need to, using traditional PBX, UC, and Microsoft Teams. And in doing so, opening up greater opportunities for a fully inclusive collaboration experience.

In May 2020, the number of daily active users of Teams jumped by 70% to 75m

UC Today, June 2020

Kyocera Direct Connect makes sure you never miss a customer call when using Microsoft Teams. 

Organisations need an easy, reliable way for customers to contact them or else risk leaving queries unresolved or worse still, missing out on sales as customers get frustrated and go elsewhere.

By enabling Microsoft Teams collaboration and voice with traditional PBX controls, users can continue to do their job, no matter where they are improving productivity and teamwork. You're also providing a seamless experience for customers, increasing loyalty, revenue and business growth.

We provide the same call controls your team will be used to, for example re-route calls if they are in a meeting or on holiday or enabling autoresponders. This also means you get complete peace of mind that should Microsoft Teams go down, you have reliable disaster recovery and business continuity strategy in place.

  • Users can make and receive calls from existing PBX using the Microsoft Teams app or desk phone
  • Retain all its existing numbers, ensuring customers can reach you as they always have done
  • Call control enhancements such as re-routing, voicemail, hunt groups, call queueing and call reporting

Be more productive

Kyocera Direct Connect brings all your UC functionality into one solution optimising costs and ensuring compliance whilst enabling business as usual calling without disruption.

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    Managing complexity and optimising costs

    Even before COVID-19, managing cost was a high priority for organisations; now for many, it is essential for survival. But cost management requires visibility into all spending, which is hard when staff are using personal mobile phones to make work calls. This also means that managing multiple bills and vendors becomes more complex and time consuming, making it hard to optimise spend.

    Businesses choosing to use the native Microsoft voice functionality, which in itself can be an expensive and complex option, can be faced with potential bill shock. They have little control over how the numbers are being used, for example blocking expensive international calls or placing call limits for users.

    Our managed service helps you manage, budget and forecast costs with single billing and round-the-clock support. You can easily set controls on country codes and thresholds on spend to limit bill shock or misuse by staff.

    Managing complexity and optimising costs
    Managing complexity and optimising costs

    Even before COVID-19, ease of management, cost visibility and control were a high priority for organisations.

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    Ensuring regulatory compliance and best practice

    Monitoring staff who are using a combination of Microsoft Teams and their own mobile devices to speak with customers is a major challenge, both from a performance and compliance perspective. Understanding the number of customer service calls are being handled, how many are dropping, how quickly they are being resolved and if targets are being met is essential.

    We provide comprehensive call recording and analysis, ensuring all calls are being recorded in line with compliance, easily access recordings remotely for training purposes or dispute resolution and provide full audit trails. 

    • Enhanced user and customer experience
    • Increased visibility and control
    • Improved compliance
    Ensuring regulatory compliance and best practice
    Ensuring regulatory compliance and best practice

    Maintaining compliance and improving quality of service as new ways of working become a more permanent reality.

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    Ensuring business continuity

    Microsoft Teams suffered a major outage after millions of workers were forced to work remotely due to COVID-19 lockdown. Imagine if during that time, a major client of yours was trying to reach you with an urgent sales request. 

    You had set up a new Microsoft Teams number and shared it with all your clients, but Microsoft Teams was down so that number didn’t work. They couldn’t wait for an email response, they needed a quick decision, so they picked up the phone to your competitor, who, although was also using Microsoft Teams.

    However, they had already integrated their PBX system into the SaaS platform. Direct routing meant that the call, unable to reach your sales manager via Microsoft Teams, was seamlessly re-routed to their mobile phone; the client didn’t notice a thing.

    The phone was answered and your competitor was able to respond to your client’s request immediately. In fact, they also discussed switching the whole account from you over to them. Not the outcome you needed. Now, just think how different that would have been if you had had call rerouting in place?

    Ensuring business continuity
    Ensuring business continuity

    Simplicity - single platform and itemised billing for ease of management, cost visibility and control.

Enabling business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) strategies 

Reliance on one single SaaS platform for internal and external communications increases business risk. If the Microsoft Teams service goes down as was experienced during peak lockdown in the UK. Without the ability to quickly re-route numbers – either to a mobile or landline number or to an autoresponder, customers will be unable to get in touch and staff may not be able to communicate, impacting customer experience, productivity, and ultimately sales.

Kyocera Direct Connect – our Microsoft Teams integration in action

Take Kyocera for example. We’ve got a 60-seat contact centre, all of whom had been working from home during lockdown using our UC Contact Centre solution. 

The reality is, we don’t just use Microsoft Teams standalone. We have direct routing and call channel management in place, fully integrated into our UC solution. The person you speak to is able to transfer you at the click of a button. No delay. No impact. It’s all sorted, just like that.

How Kyocera can help

We make it easy for you to make and receive internal and external calls via Microsoft Teams; either as a standalone platform or fully integrated with your existing PBX phone system.

By bringing all your UC functionality into one solution managed by us, we help you optimise your costs and reduce the complexity of supplier management. We make it easy for you to maintain compliance and improve quality of service as new ways of working become a more permanent reality.

We are more than just the sum of our technology; we believe in the power of human insight and intelligence, gathered through years of experience in both UC and ICT and managed services, and the collective knowledge of our people.

  • We are Microsoft experts, giving us a depth of experience to integrate services and manage Microsoft Teams.
  • 24/7/365 UK-based service desk; we only use fully trained, technical specialists to manage our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support, not call handlers.

For more information or to speak to us, please click on the link below:

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Talk to us, we’re human

Our experts are ready to answer your questions, discuss your challenges or arrange a demonstration on Kyocera Direct Connect and SaaS solutions.

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