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Remote Working: a definitive guide for businesses and employees

Discover best working practices from the workspace to effective communication and mental wellbeing.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a real-life digital transformation – being prepared to evolve is key to future success. The digital transformation of businesses and public sector has been a focus in recent years with many organisations turning inwards to address the needs of employees and internal workings. 

Organisations now have an opportunity to transform the way they work for the better however smarter workspaces are already a reality for many organisations.  These organisations aimed to create efficient workspaces centred around people but facilitated by technology. In this eBook we look at how organisations can enable employees to create a smart workspace at home.   

Remote Working eBook

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In this eBook you will learn:
  • How to put in place a working from home policy
  • How to deal with cybersecurity at home
  • What an ideal workspace looks like
  • How to manage physical & mental health
  • The best way to communicate effectively
  • Remote project management

Get all the advantages of remote working

Remote working is testing the digital maturity of many businesses, this also means a giant leap forward in terms of digital transformation, but there are big advantages for those taking the leap.

  • man waving with on video call

    Increase confidence

    Remote workers will feel the confidence that is placed in them to carry out their work without “Big Brother” watching them. This means that, in the absence of a fear-based culture, employees will be accountable to each other, not to management.

    “By working hard for our colleagues, trusting each other and forming close working relationships, we can build an unbeatable work group”. Dr Kazuo Inamori

    Increase confidence
    Increase confidence

    Believe in your employees and all effort goes into accomplishing their job.

  • writing in a notebook

    Increase loyalty

    It increases employee happiness and loyalty to the company. Creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking are not possible without people who are satisfied with their life and work.

    The best way to fire up your team is for them to love their work. No matter the task, if you put all your effort into enabling them to accomplish their job, they'll gain a great sense of achievement and confidence, and have the motivation to face new challenges.  When this happens, they'll spare no effort and be able to achieve wonderful results. 

    Increase loyalty
    Increase loyalty

    It increases employee happiness and loyalty to the company.

  • man typing on a laptop

    Increase performance

    Studies show that employee performance increases when working form home by 13%,  breaks and sick leave are reduced.

    Be ready for what’s next
    New generations understand the possibility of remote working as a ‘must’. Recent studies claim that 73% departments will have people working from home by 2028.

    Increase performance
    Increase performance

    Studies show that employee performance increases.

What are the critical challenges in remote working?

New sources of cyber-risk
Potential security gaps have been multiplied by the number of employees working from the home. Remote workers can be an unforeseen and uncontrolled vulnerability.

Something as simple as locking a computer when taking a break will prevent strategic plans, personal databases or profit and loss statements being seen by third parties living under the same roof. 

Home discipline and routines
Human resources departments should make an effort to care for the health of employees, and this includes recommendations on how to disconnect from work. 

New platforms, new communication
In some cases, we’re blind to each other’s stress and we can be annoying. With so many messages it can be easy for things to be missed or misunderstood. 

Project and delivery management
There are many task management platforms, as well as methods to organise tasks in order to meet deadlines. In any case, organising a production and delivery schedule, as well as encouraging proper time management, is a challenge for many.

Excesses and defects
There are remote workers who won’t leave their seats until the job is done. There are others for whom the bark of a neighbour’s dog or a roommate’s noise will distract them. 

Find out how to manage and tackle these challenges by reading the Remote Working ebook.

Free downloads: 10 Tips for working at home infographic

  • KDUK_WFH_10_tips_employees.pdf (KDUK_WFH_10_tips_employees.pdf)
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    • PDF
  • KDUK_WFH_10_tips_managers.pdf (KDUK_WFH_10_tips_managers.pdf)
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Discover the secrets of remote working now.

Remote working, a growing trend and a desired objective for 82% of professionals. Find out how you can use this incentive to attract talent.

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