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Kyocera and Keep Attacking event

A group of 14 participants from Kyocera embarked on their first Keep Attacking event
Kyocera and Keep Attacking

The event was organised by the highly decorated former Colour Sergeant, Brian Wood MC (“Woody”) and held at the Martinique Square, Bordon. We were very fortunate the weather held up for us on this spectacular day.

Kyocera had Feather Flags and branded headbands to raise brand awareness. Upon registration each participant received a free Keep Attacking shirt and a Kyocera Headband. 

Before we embarked on our 4.5 mile military challenge, Woody had all 67 participants doing a pre-exercise warm up. We then headed up to the start line where the whole Kyocera team were geared up wearing their Kyocera branded Headbands and having military paint on their faces.

Kyocera staff keep attacking

As we embarked on our challenge, we started doing a light run through a field before arriving to the first muddy river. As we emerged, we ran through another field with our muddy legs and shoes till we reached an incline hill, challenging our leg muscles.

Suddenly we ended up running through the forest and through the second muddy
river where many participants fell unexpectedly.

Throughout the rest of Military Training Ground, the participants carried sandbags from one checkpoint to another, running up and down dales, running through the forest, under river muddy tunnel and powering through tough muddy rivers. 

This was an amazing test for all of us testing our physical fitness and mental resilience and more importantly we challengedourselves. Proud to announce that all Kyocera participants completed the 4.5 mile challenge, well done team.


Kyocera Keep Attacking Event

A massive thank you must go to Woody and his team for organising such a fantastic event.

Kyocera are now getting geared up for the second event (Saturday 26th November 2022).  

Rod Tonna-Barthet: "Following our partnership with Keep Attacking,  I am proud to announce a group of Kyocera participants set off to challenge themselves at their first Keep Attacking event, where we all tested our physical fitness and mental health. Our Ethos, values and goals align perfectly with our partnership with Keep Attacking.  We are proud to be associated with Keep Attacking, would like to thank Woody for organising such a spectacular event.”

Brian Wood:  “A brilliant Keep Attacking event, fantastic to see many people challenging their physical fitness and mental health, proud to see our partners Kyocera attend and compete their first KA event.”

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