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    Transform the purchase to pay process

    Integrate with ERP systems to streamline your entire P2P process and reduce transactional costs.
    Transform the purchase to pay process

    P2P - reduce costs, improve revenue and efficiency

    Our Purchase to Pay solution offers better control over the complete purchase lifecycle.  With the ability to control what products can be purchased, route approvals for the products, purchase order creation and facilitate 3-way matches for payment – this gives businesses 360degree control of the process and allows control over all aspects of the P2P process.

    Process Efficiency

    Reduced bottlenecks and accelerated approval times

    Cost effectiveness

    Cost savings through simplified processes and lower paper usage


    Document security based on customised permissions.

    Digital Transformation

    Digitise all critical content — paper, electronic forms and data 

    Error Reduction

    Increased accuracy and fewer lost or misplaced invoices

    Cash Management

    Better cash management and improved visibility of cash flow

    Full Auditability

    Enhanced compliance and clear, transparent audit trails

    Save the environment

    Remove the need for paper-based documents.

    Modernise Procure to Pay

    Modernise Procure to Pay

    With the current high-tech and efficiency-driven business landscape, procure-to-pay (P2P) processes are prime candidates for modernisation. Traditional, paper-based methods of procurement and accounts payable (AP) are linked to high costs, low-visibility and long processing times which are all barriers that ultimately impede business progress and success.

    Our Purchase to Pay solution streamlines the purchase requisition process. Purchasing information can be routed to managers and the procurement team for approval, changes or denial, and even include charge code entry capabilities.

    Integration with ERP systems allows all purchasing data to be automatically entered for the creation of purchase orders.

    The purchase requisition solution allows you to store electronic copies of all documents so they can be accessed at any time directly from your company’s ERP.

    By providing your staff with instant access to the information they need, including price quotations, invoices, proposals and more; without leaving their familiar application, processing and problem solving is sped up considerably. Purchasing is quicker, easier and more accurate. Overall, the preparation put into an accurate purchasing cycle will result in fewer problems and a more manageable invoice processing cycle.

    Relevant purchasing documents can be easily and securely shared with vendors to speed processing even further. Automatic sharing of proposals, quotes and invoices as part of the purchase requisition solution, whether inside or outside of your organisation is possible.

    • Accounts Payable

      Streamline your entire accounts payable process with an integrated, automated system.

    • Reporting Dashboards

      Efficiently provides analysis and reporting and allows secure sharing to fuel business strategy.

    • Supplier Management

      Integrates with your existing ERP, dramatically improving the visibility and control you have over the process.

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