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Content services: drive growth through efficiency

Streamline bloated content management processes to unleash greater productivity and more profits.
Content services

Free up time to invest in growth.

From written documents to financial spreadsheets, each organisation produces or handles thousands if not millions of data points each year. And all of this content has to be managed in a way that is secure and legally compliant. The processes involved in receiving, creating, reviewing, approving, securely storing and deleting content can consume huge amounts of human capital that could be invested into achieving your goals.

Content services is about the intelligent application of technology and rethinking processes to make them more efficient and effective. With automation, we can replace time-consuming manual processes, and with clever design, we can break a complicated workflow down to one or two clicks. With less time spent on content processes, your staff can focus more on the things that really matter.


Key benefits of content services from Kyocera

Faster Processes
Faster Processes
Find Documents Easily
Find Documents Easily
Free Up Space
Free Up Space
Simplify Compliance
Simplify Compliance

Learn more about what content services offer businesses

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Solution spotlight

As part of our content services portfolio, Kyocera offer a number of different solutions to meet specific needs within your organisation. Read on to find out more.

Data capture & digitisation

Data capture & digitisation

Data entry is time-consuming and prone to human error, and the need to do this as a manual process can be a major obstacle to succcessful digital transformation. With our data capture & digitisation solution, whether the original content is in paper form or a digital medium like PDF, our system can identify information, convert files, and distribute and store content automatically - saving you enormous amounts of time and effort and making it much easier to shift away from paper to fully digital operations.

Key features:

  • Processes mutliple formats including email, PDF and printed documents
  • Can recognise handwriting and convert to editable text and is able to recognise and extract data from mark sheets and barcodes
  • Adds a digital signature to prevent tampering
  • Support various data input methods and output destinations
  • Supports various image correction processes
  • Design scan workflows that work for your business
Business process automation

Business process automation

Your teams know what needs to be done, but it's not always easy to find the best way of doing it, minimising cost, time and effort. Challenging long-established processes from within can be difficult, especially when people are already so busy. We can bring our expertise and a fresh set of eyes to bear on your businesses' processes and use technology, automation and new ideas to radically cut the amount of time and paperwork involved. This can improve productivity, reduce frustration, minimise human error and save you money.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce opportunities for human error with automation and clear, easy digital processes
  • Cut paper costs and save physical space with a digital-first approach
  • Free up time previously spent on admin and manual processes so staff can work on things that are more valuable and more fulfilling - improving your productivity and staff morale
  • Make compliance easier with clear, auditable document processes
  • Get greater visibility and more data regarding your workflows
Information management

Information management

Whatever form your content comes in, our information management solution can consolidate it all into one intelligent system that embraces automated workflows, powerful search tags and filters and secure access control. By doing so, you can create a single digital archive for all your files that can be accessed by the right people from anywhere, cutting down on paper documentation, simplifying workflows and making finding the right file a doddle.

Key features:

  • Import documents via a web browser or direct from a scanner
  • Select access levels system-wide and for individual folders and files
  • Manages a variety of formats including PDF, docx, JPG, PNG and many more
  • Version control, with the ability to revert when needed
  • Search for documents using filters, including using the content within the document
  • Rights and history logs help you maintain stronger compliance

Book a discovery session!

Want to learn how Kyocera's content services could transform your organisation for the better? Book a free discovery session with one of our experts and, with a consultative approach, we'll listen to your businesses challenges and opportunities, learn which technologies and processes you're currently using, and work with you to establish how Kyocera's solutions can help. Whatever the outcome, we'll plant a tree on your behalf as a thank you for your time.

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