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KYOCERA Cloud Print Services

KYOCERA Cloud-Based Print and Document Management Services
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As one of the world’s leading document output management companies, Kyocera is changing the way businesses manage, process and interface with documents. Kyocera’s latest breakthrough combines the most advanced printing and document management solutions hosted in a private, secure and resilient virtual cloud environment.

Kyocera strives to provide its partners and end-users with innovative technology to help business organisations move forward. We offer the industry’s only 100% private Cloud-based print and document management services. Fully backed by one of the world’s leading cloud hosting providers, our Cloud Printing Services save you money and deliver more security, availability, reliability and flexibility to your document management.

With enhanced network resilience, higher mobility and improved cost-efficiency in a completely secure environment, Kyocera helps you deliver higher service levels with total peace of mind.

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MPS in the Cloud

MPS in the cloud is running the print service from within a remotely hosted, cloud, environment. Kyocera runs a hybrid model to print across the business with a mix of local, on site print servers, and the main print server sitting in the cloud. This ensures printing is available even if network issues prevent communication with the cloud.

The consolidation of dedicated print servers with a single centralised server is a critical element of operating an efficient and scalable print infrastructure. Using the centralised server means that printer drivers, printer queues and print policies are managed centrally, and built-in redundancy makes recovery from any failure far easier, ensuring print devices are always available.

Now is the time you should give cloud printing a second look and we offer you the chance to move your whole print infrastructure skywards.

The Cloud

Our cloud servers take away all of the hassle of managing your own servers and storage.

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    KYOCERA Cloud Direct

    Requiring access to documents wherever and whenever is now the norm.

  • Kyocera Cloud Print

    Kyocera cloud print services hosted in cloud takes the Managed Print Solution (MPS) concept to a new level.

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    Cloud Connect

    Access your personal cloud space directly from HyPAS-enabled MFPs.

Read the ebook

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Next-level of Evolution

Technology with cutting-edge solutions for the most demanding businesses.

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