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Business like clockwork: Content Services from Kyocera

Helping businesses streamline processes and digitise workflows.
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Despite the advent of the “Information Age” leading to the digitalisation of many business processes, staff in many organisations still rely on folders, filing cabinets and reams of paper to complete vital tasks. However, as the quantity of information that businesses have to manage continues to increase exponentially, many organisations are turning to content services tools such as Enterprise Content Management and Document Management Systems to help them process information.

With content services solutions, businesses can create streamlined, digitised workflows that can integrate with other core business systems to automate admin-heavy, time-consuming processes and increase efficiency. Taking this burden off staff can enable them to focus on tasks which bring more value to their organisation, such as customer service. By automating these processes and managing information more effectively, the business can improve productivity and staff can work more efficiently.

Business like clockwork: content services from KYOCERA

Watch our CEO, Rod Tonna-Barthet's interview with Business Reporter.

Kyocera has developed Content Services solutions for a number of different applications within businesses. Financial processes, such as accounts payable and receivable, can be significantly improved by the implementation of Content Services, automating the processing of payments and invoices, removing the potential for human error and providing a better service to customers. 

In the HR department, Kyocera’s Content Services solutions can automate the initial sifting of CVs during recruitment, taking this administrative burden off the shoulders of HR professionals. Kyocera’s solutions can also automate, centralise and streamline processes in other areas, such as managing contracts and GDPR compliant documents. This is particularly important when handling sensitive information; with secure, protected back-ups stored in information management systems, businesses can avoid the risk of losing information due to hackers or employee error. 

With all the potential use cases for Content Services, some businesses may struggle with knowing where to begin. However, if they start small and prioritise those processes most in need of optimisation, businesses can steadily scale up their Content Services solutions and increase the level of automation within their organisations. By doing so, businesses can enable their staff to focus on more valuable tasks such as customer service, generating a significant return on their investment and transforming into modern, agile and paper-light businesses that run like clockwork. 

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