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    Low impact, low total cost of ownership.

    With prices rising, it's the perfect time to invest in energy-efficient ECOSYS printers and MFPs.
    ECOSYS M3860idn

    Low energy usage + long-life drums + eco-friendly design = a sensible, sustainable way to print.

    Energy prices are rising and climate action is gaining pace: now is the perfect time to adopt business practises that reduce your environmental impact, reduce your energy usage and, in doing so, reduce your bills. Kyocera's award-winning ECOSYS range of mono and colour printers and MFPs are not just low-energy, they also use our innovative, long-life image drums, and are designed with the environment in mind.

    Pocket friendly, planet friendly

    Our ECOSYS devices are made with up to 30% recycled plastic and are over 99% recyclable. But their eco-friendly credentials don't end there.

    • Low energy

      ECOSYS means energy-efficiency

      For its ECOSYS range, Kyocera has developed energy-saving controllers to optimise power management and operate as low as 0.5 Watts in sleep mode; one-tenth of the energy used by a smartphone charger. Kyocera also developed other energy-saving technologies into the design of ECOSYS devices, with improved airflow reducing the number of cooling fans required and advanced drive mechanisms to cut down on the number of motors.
      ECOSYS means energy-efficiency
      ECOSYS means energy-efficiency

      For its ECOSYS range Kyocera developed energy-saving controllers to optimise power management and operate as low as 0.5 Watts in sleep mode.

    • Toner

      Toner doesn't have to cost the earth

      Conventional print cartridges contain as many as 60 components and are made from metal, plastic and foam, making them difficult to recycle and resource-intensive to manufacture. Kyocera's genuine toner cartridges contain as few as 8 components and are 100% recyclable. In fact, Kyocera Document Solutions will take back your used toner cartridges and recycle them for you.

      Toner doesn't have to cost the earth
      Toner doesn't have to cost the earth

      Kyocera's toner cartridges contain as few as 8 components and are 100% recyclable.

    • Long life image drums

      Innovative long-life image drums

      Kyocera uses two kinds of image drum utilising innovative Kyocera technology. The PSLP image drum has a long life of up to 300,000 pages, while the amorphous silicon (a-Si) image drum lasts for more than 600,000 pages. The a-Si drum's coating has a hardness approaching that of diamond for incredible durability. With Kyocera's drums lasting up to ten times or longer than the drums in comparable devices, the maintenance cost of your ECOSYS or TASKalfa device across it's lifetime is significantly reduced.

      Innovative long-life image drums
      Innovative long-life image drums

      Kyocera's innovative ceramic image drum technology means the drums in our printers lasts longer.

    Find the right ECOSYS device for you.

    • Explore our range of ECOSYS printers

      Use the search options to browse the complete range of Kyocera ECOSYS printers, colour or mono.

    • Explore our range of MFPs

      Print, copy and scan with Kyocera's ECOSYS MFPs, colour or mono.

    Speak to an expert about ECOSYS

    Find out which ECOSYS devices are best to suit your businesses' needs by speaking to one of Kyocera Document Solution's print experts today.

    Sustainability by design

    • Toner take-back service

      We offer a return service for all used, genuine Kyocera toner cassettes.

    • Device recycling

      We offer a service to your customers to have their Kyocera devices collected for recycling by trusted partners.

    • We are carbon neutral

      We aim “to do what is right as a human being”, and that's why KYOCERA Group UK are proud to be carbon neutral. Learn more.

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