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The power of predictability during times of uncertainty

Kyocera is working hard to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, today.
Remote working using smartphone

Whether it’s your smartphone or any other type of electrical appliance, we tend to only notice the benefits of its use until it’s gone. We take reliability for granted. We assume devices will always work when called upon. 

In a world of ever-tightening deadlines and turnaround times, downtime continues to be a major Achilles’ heel across all industries. This is particularly pertinent in printing where device downtime not only has a direct impact on productivity, but also increases overall costs and frustration. All downtime, regardless of the issue, is vital time lost. 

The new age of remote working hinges upon reliability. With employees now working from several different locations, the efficiency and fluidity of workflows depends heavily on the functionality of both hardware and software solutions. 

Without reliable devices, enterprise mobility strategies are constructed on sand foundations. 


The printing pains facing today’s businesses

Despite the tremendous technological advancement in recent years, for many it’s the same old pains which continue to hurt the most. 

When dealing with larger print jobs for instance, many companies have issues in maintaining the overall quality of the output, with results diminishing as the volume of work increases. 

Alongside the shift to colour prints, businesses cannot afford sub standard visual quality. Furthermore, a paper shift when documents are being printed causes irritating jams. As these issues mount, workflows become hindered, forcing jobs to be stopped and restarted, sometimes from scratch, wasting both valuable time and resources. 

A poorly functioning printer will cost far more over time than investing in a reliable one. Proven quality and reliability is the only way to ensure that your output is consistently of the highest standard. 

To gain a competitive advantage you need solutions that last the test of time and yield the same professional quality without fail.

Most reliable colour MFP brand 2018 -2021

The benefits of a reliable printer

With Kyocera you have a partner that understands your business, a partner that delivers the solutions you need to tackle real pains. 

With the new TASKalfa 3554ci series, customers get a device that combines long-life parts with high print speeds and professional quality to meet the ongoing changing needs of today’s business world. 

Kyocera’s latest offering provides seamless scan to folder set up, easy tilted document correction, and staple detection to help ensure employees can continue to work at full velocity. Moreover, thanks to the Enhanced Fault Isolation Function, when a failure occurs in the MFP, only functions related to the failure are disabled, meaning other functions can be used after restarting, thus reducing user downtime.

The TASKalfa 3554ci series also integrates brand-new Artificial Intelligence functionalities and a sleek and intuitive user experience interface, creating a much smarter system that reduces the need for mindless, repetitive tasks and allows for increased automation. Combined with streamlined and efficient components, this series represents one of Kyocera’s most reliable print devices yet. 

In the age of unprecedented mobility, reliability continues to gain even greater importance. The knowledge that your devices will rise to new business challenges is invaluable. 

Uncertain times call for partners you can depend upon. Having been recognised as the Most Reliable Colour Copier MFP by BLI, Kyocera is extremely confident that these models will once again live up to that standard.

By reducing frustrating and costly downtime, Kyocera’s proven quality allows you to dedicate your valuable time to what is most important: growing your business. Now let’s get to work!


Managed print services hosted in the cloud

Kyocera cloud print services hosted in the cloud takes the Managed Print Solution concept to a new level by allowing you to outsource the management of your entire print network.

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