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The TASKalfa is our statement for the future.

Focusing on using cutting-edge inkjet technology to provide unlimited options
Inkjet production print

Kyocera’s over 15 years of Inkjet expertise is brought together in a simple statement: We’re happy to help you discover more.

Everything we do as individuals and communities comes down to some form of expression. Getting your message across, showing your support, or chasing your dreams are all carried through strong and clear expressive actions.

Communication is how we interact with the world. Why would you want to limit yourself?

Our high-volume printing systems are built upon this principle. They focus on using cutting-edge inkjet technology to provide unlimited options for those seeking fluid and flexible printing. Kyocera is proud to present well thought out and all-round solutions that balance curiosity with reliable experience to help us broaden and deepen your opportunity to demonstrate expression without limits.

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c is this embodiment for our philosophy on dynamic expression. We studied the needs of the market, learned from your questions, and improved upon the industry’s offering to bring you an agile solution that fits in with your production processes. As digital production printer, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c has opened doors to many opportunities for both high and low-volume printing.

Join us as we discuss what this means for our customers and the printing industry as a whole.

The printer industry has stagnated – we see more.

Modern technology has made it possible to get things done without the need for paper, ranging from signing contracts to boarding planes. The global printing market is therefore shifting, and the industry can no longer rely on office and home devices for growth. In a market that’s crowded with mature technology, there is little room left for innovation.

However, despite the challenging and changing market, printers have remained largely the same. With printers sidelining smaller-volume work in favor of high-volume printing, we’ve seen a decline in creativity and innovation for the market. 

Innovations like detailed print personalisation, changing media applications and agile, adaptable approaches to the industry have all contributed to a precipice where we either settle for the systems of the past, or choose the future of technology. 
At Kyocera, we demand more of printing products, because we see more.

The future is inkjet

Personalisation is essential to appealing to today’s customers. Inkjet offers the ability to customise or personalise content quickly and easily. It allows companies to communicate on a large scale without having to combine a print job across offset and laser or worse, pay for expensive templates.

Digital production inkjet printers combine the benefits of digital technology, such as quick turnaround and variable data printing, with the high amounts of personalisation. This enables users to produce personalised content in large quantities while it’s still relevant, which is valuable for a range of industries looking to enhance their customer experience.

Inkjet also offers possibilities to answer the growing demands for more sustainable technology. As awareness around these issues continues to proliferate the social consciousness, modern consumers seek solutions that are sustainable and reflect their values. Inkjet printers have made great steps towards restoring the reputation of printer systems. They have introduced simplicity throughout their design, drastically reducing replaceable parts and do not use components that damage the ozone layer. 

Our iteration of this technology provides all these benefits while saving our customers time and money. Inkjet printers have a low energy consumption, can carry out jobs faster than alternative printing options and introduce a new level of savings with cut sheet inkjet systems.

Our Answer – The TASKalfa Pro 15000c

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c is the ‘next big thing’ in professional-level printing. It offers some of the best inkjet heads in the industry, and a result that remains constantly at a high color level for printing many or few sheets. 

It infuses your business with unprecedented productivity as one of the quickest in the printing industry. The device can hit production rates of over a million impressions a month with no increase in costs per page. It’s also designed to keep maintenance at a minimum. With a Kyocera printer, we want you to be in control of your productivity. With fewer replaceable parts and higher reliability, it enables you to run more printing operations with less maintenance. This provides huge cost savings and downtime prevention for the long-term.

The production-print solution is easy to use and has the capability to provide exact quality for different applications while providing a cost level that is suited for a dedicated range. This makes your business flexible enough to perform high-volume work as well as specialised, lower-volume work. It can thus give you a competitive edge, enabling you to serve customers whose needs are ignored by other print service provides, helping you stand out as more available, flexible, and capable than your competitors.

Kyocera is happy to help you

Kyocera helps you evolve. Not just because we can, but just because we’re happy to help you.

We understand that while the world gets more complicated, expression shouldn’t be. Likewise, running your printing business should be as simple as plug & play. Kyocera’s pledge is to offer this simplicity and accessibility with a view to unlimited possibilities to what print can accomplish.

Our printing systems are our way of making your business agile, available, and dynamic. We have grown to the challenge and want to help you realise your fullest potential with an accessible, effective, and future-proof solution.
Are you ready to take the next step? Contact Kyocera to find out more about our printers and begin to see the potential for opportunity that exists in printing innovation, today. 

Personalised Production Printing Solution

Kyocera offers a production printing solution with the quality and service you need within your budget – and built for your environment.

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Will inkjet replace other production printers?

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