Toner Technology


No other manufacturer uses ceramic drum technology in its printers. No other manufacturer gains the advantages that this extremely durable material offers.

The key advantage of KYOCERA's ceramic drum is durability. The material used in KYOCERA's ceramic drums is 10-15 times harder than the OPC (Organic Photo Conductor) material used by our competitors.

This technology-based advantage translates into the three USPs that will be appreciated by all users.

  • Economy: because durable KYOCERA drums do not need to be replaced as often as OPC drums, the user only replaces a simple toner cassette when the toner runs out. This costs less than replacing an all-in-one print cartridge that contains toner and a replacement drum.
  • Sustainability: because the user only replaces a simple toner cassette when the toner runs out, KYOCERA machines produce far less waste than machines that use all-in-one print cartridges.  
  • Reliability: because KYOCERA machines are designed around durable, long-life parts like a ceramic drum, they just keep running and running.

Innovative Technology

KYOCERA heavily invest in innovative technologies which constantly raise the bar for quality print output, reliability and cost savings.

Our latest A4 colour print range delivers a major advance in the colour quality that can be achieved with an office printer. A number of new technologies are used to produce this advance:

  • New spherical toner improves image quality by allowing the toner particles to fit closer together (promoting more even coverage) and leaving a smoother finish (enhancing the finish of the printed image)
Old toner particle under microscope
Figure 1: Old toner particle
New spherical toner particle under microscope
Figure 2: New spherical toner particle
  • The enlarged colour spectrum broadens colour expression and adds particular improvements to blue and green colouring
Enlarged colour spectrum
  • 3rd generation of interactive touch down developing system
  • 9,600dpi quality is achieved through integrated MultiBit technology. By describing each addressable point on the page using 4 bits of data, KYOCERA’s enhancement technology is able to create 16 shades. Without MultiBit enhancement, each point could only be on or off, printed or not
  • Trapping functionality improves print quality on a coloured background by automatically identifying and removing shadows and highlights from around characters
Trapping functionality

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