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    Cloud Computing Services

    Simple solutions to help manage cloud infrastructure and services in workplaces.
    Cloud services

    Most organisations today understand the benefits of a Cloud solution. Kyocera can help assess, plan, implement and manage an organisation’s cloud infrastructure.

    The advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) has had a huge impact on the world of business. It has fundamentally changed how organisations operate; more workers are now able to work remotely, and the way data is collected and shared has also evolved.

    Cloud computing services now offer faster innovation, flexible resources and lower operating costs with pay-as-you-go pricing. It enables organisations to run their infrastructure more efficiently and scale their service as business needs change. 

    Whether it is storage, backup and data retrieval or delivering software on demand and cloud management, Kyocera has worked with organisations from major corporations to small businesses. One commonality is cloud computing is a shift from the traditional way they think about IT resources.

    We know that successful businesses are always looking to the future.

    Types of cloud computing

    There are three main types of cloud and not one type of cloud computing is right for everyone. These differing types and services help organisations find the right solution for their needs.

    The three leading ways to deploy cloud services are on a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. Kyocera work with organisations to help determine the type of cloud deployment, or cloud computing architecture, that their cloud services will be best implemented on.


    Kyocera, a trusted cloud services partner you can rely on

    We are more than just the sum of our technology; we believe in the power of human insight and intelligence, gathered through years of experience in ICT and managed services, and the collective knowledge of our experts.


    The future is in the cloud

    In combination with other innovative technologies, the cloud will bring about a revolution in the way we live and work.

    • Kyocera Managed Public Cloud

      A managed public cloud service, enabling organisations to migrate, integrate and optimise their cloud services.

    • Managed print services hosted in the cloud

      Everything that happens between users hitting print and the document arriving at the printer is taken care of by Kyocera.

    • The Cloud can revolutionise a company’s operations

      One latest trend in technology is to deploy the Cloud for greater efficiency, but what can it offer?

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