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Painless employee onboarding

Automate the employee onboarding process making it secure and compliant.
Painless employee onboarding

Better processes for a smoother employee onboarding experience

We provide HR teams and managers with the tools to better manage the onboarding process and provide new starters with as smooth a transition as possible. By providing a holistic view of all related information on a single platform, we enable staff to easily track the entire onboarding process and monitor tasks across departments.


Seamless integration with all software

Access Documents

Enhanced access anywhere at any time


Quick generation of insightful easy to read reports


Reduce bottlenecks and improve approval times


Increased accuracy and few lost/misplaced documents, Less errors and exceptions


Strengthen compliance and automate document retention


Complete audit trail due to a transparent process flow


Document security based on customised permissions.

Employee on-boarding
Improved onboarding with centralised information.

Improved onboarding with centralised information.

HR teams and other key staff (with the appropriate permissions) have increased visibility into the onboarding process and access to all relevant information.

As staff in various departments work on completing their assigned onboarding tasks for each new starter, they enter relevant information, such as start date, completed date and related notes. This information together with other associated employee data and documents is then accessible to those who need it.

HR have a holistic view of who is assigned to which tasks and how the process is progressing across the organisation. 

This highlights any bottlenecks in the process and directs timely interventions as necessary, ensuring onboarding is completed accurately and in a timely manner.

Enforces accountability with simplified departmental checklists.

Enforces accountability with simplified departmental checklists.

Automatically generate multiple checklists based on a new starter’s specific role and/or department, assigning checklists to the appropriate departments for fulfilment: from IT to internal training.

This reduces time spent manually creating and distributing tasks, ensuring that all employees follow the correct onboarding process steps.

HR can also modify checklists and change task assignments as policies change or roles are redefined, ensuring that all are following the most up-to-date onboarding procedure.

Improve employee service by increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Improve employee service by increasing efficiency and accuracy.

It’s important that all new employees should feel comfortable and well-prepared to do their jobs as soon as possible after joining.

By completing the onboarding process efficiently and accurately, organisations not only provide new starters with the software, hardware, training materials and physical tools they need to complete their work, but also with a positive first experience with their new organisation.

With added automation and increased visibility into the process, the HR team is empowered to better serve new employees and more effectively monitor the status of the onboarding process, at each and every step of the process.

Human Resources Department Solutions

  • Employee File Management

    Better manage employee files, equipping personnel with secure, instant access to information.

  • Policies & Procedures

    Centralise the complex process of creating, updating and monitoring policy documents throughout the business.

  • HR Reporting

    Conveniently monitor live data and analytics of the system and is able to create bespoke dashboards.

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